Launched in 2010 For The Record started as a club night that featured some of the best known and unknown dj talents in Melbourne. It’s philosophy was to bring some of the best quietly electronic dance music to the public.

The artists that featured at For The Record parties were Jive (AKA Chris Wilson), Sandy Ingram, Mirror State, Jackmanloop (AKA Manuel Casagni), Matt Collens, Simon Murphy, Muska, Agent 86, Louay and many more. For The Record parties were held at various venus around Melbourne such as Brown Alley and Loop Bar.

the past

Jump one year and For The Record have been pushing the boundaries of electronic music in Melbourne. However, most of the artists featured on the roster are also some of the best music producers. With that in mind For The Record had decided to make there way into the music making business.

Since the start of 2012 For The Record have been working hard to feature some of the best talent in the industry. Being based in Melbourne Australia the talent is phenomenal and they wouldn’t need to travel fare to secure some of the best music. Having artists like Rob Zile and Monsieur Ali added to the roster For The Record is bound to make a huge impact in the world of electronic music.

For The Record is ever expanding in the artistic realm by adding people from different disciplines to expand its ventures. By having one of the most talented photography’s and graphic designers they believe in ideals of artistic collaborations.

As For The Record moves forward we hope you can join us on this journey of life and music.