After a year of hard work and great releases it’s time for us to take it up a level by providing some top notch music and this time around For The Record are in the woks of releasing our very first For The Record Mix CD and we have recruited two of Melbourne Australia’s most prolific DJ’s, Simon Murphy and J-Slyde.


J-SlydeJ-Slyde stands apart in the Australian dance music scene. He truly represent all that is his tastes, styles and skills when he steps up to the turntables. Having embraced the ever growing electronic new wave that swept through the 1990′s, J-Slyde’s precursor for where his sound now lies is solely in the past. An eclectic ear, and an appreciation for the anti establishment with an sultry love affair with Trance, Progressive House, Techno and his occasional hussy in the night, Electro.

J-Slyde’s reputation and presence on the EDM precedes him with every gig he plays and with every event he organizes. A regularly In- demand DJ J-Slyde has had the pleasure of being a regular guest at parties such as White Noise, Bad Party Records, LockNLoad and Involved on the Gold Coast – to name but a few.

To rate J- Slyde as one of the up an comers of the scene is a waste of breath; he is already there and if the past is anything to go by, he isn’t going to finish rising until the roof is blown.


Simon Murphy

simon murphySimon Murphy fascination of a wide array of sounds has helped spawn a deep understanding of the music and scene which he loves. Through focusing his passion for raw underground sounds on his DJ sets, Simon Murphy has spent the last 6 years turning more than a few heads playing an eclectic blend of musical madness from his favourite producers from across the globe. You can find Simon Murphy spinning anything from deep house & tech house, techno & progressive to the harder edged sounds best enjoyed on a dusty dancefloor and everything in between.

Crafting his own unique sound through his residencies at Prognosis Simon Murphy has had a chance to refine his skills whilst playing alongside some of the best talent that Australia, and the world has to offer. His seamless mixing and contagious energy behind the decks have seen him invited to play at some of Australia’s finest venues, festivals and events.


In the last few years both Simon Murphy and J-Slyde has played alongside a broad range of artists from across the globe including Guy J, James Zabiela, Radio Slave, Sasha, Hybrid, Jaytech, Pig & Dan, Shiloh and Dave Seaman through to the harder sounds of John 00 Fleming, Solar Fields, Interactive Noise, Neelix, Ritmo, Osho and Michele Adamson plus local heroes Kasey Taylor, Jamie Stevens, Punkz on Junk, Dave Pham, Danny Bonnici, Phil K, Luke Chable and a whole bunch more.

We are very excited of the prospect of releasing this mix cd and having Simon and J-Slyde work along side with us. We are also very proud of working with some of the best up and comers in the industry and also bedroom producers, so we are putting the word out there that if you think you have some music or you may know someone who has what it takes, upload an mp3 of the track below tell us a little about yourself and the work your are submitting, make sure you enter your email address in the description section. We can’t wait to hear from you all.

More info well be coming during the course of the year so keep your eyes peeled to our website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and SoundCloud for more updates. We’ll see you all on the dance floor.