For The Podcast Ten Featuring Adrian Andrea

On this months podcast we have one of our very own Adrian Andrea bringing you some of his favourite tracks in a amazing two mix. Adrian has few new productions and remixes in the works and we’ll keep you updated with whats coming up.

Adrian Andrea Podcast Track List:

Nacho Portigliatti – All night (original mix) [Mood 24 Records]

Eleven & Radym – Pe drum (Emiliano Ferreyra remix) [Yoruba Grooves]

Tommy Oddone РChico’s groove (original mix) [Deep Tech Records]

Gion – Compromiso social (Zafra, Riggeri remix) [Jekos Music]

Dubphone – Alfama (Dimitri Monev remix) [Alboratory]

Emiliano Ferreyra – Tomahawks to civilians (original mix) [Prisma Music]

Proudly People, Shaf Huse – Hornz and dubz (original mix) [Innocent Music]

Nacho Bolognani – Lonely times (original mix) [Kote Records]

Bolumar – Suspiros also (original mix) [Kote Records]

Dubfound – Dlobo (original mix) [Tobus]

P.Jones – An untitled one (original mix) [Art of Dark]

Marta Kodo – Fuse it (Adrian Andrea remix) [For The Record]

dotSTRIPE – Unexpected (original mix) [Deep Tech Records]

Shaf Huse – Sasu (original mix) [Innocent Music]

White Brothers – Little Helper 96-3 (original mix) [Little Helpers]

Proudly People – Summer fest (Manuel De Lorenzi remix) [Innocent Music]

Dejvid – Love is stronger than pride (Matt Keyl remix) [Yulia]

Nekow, Ra.Pu – From sunset to sunrise (original mix) [Low to High Records]

Joeski – Pure expression (original mix) [Kinetika Records]

Jamahr – Basic clap (original mix) [KES Records]

Tim Scala – Apsu (Adam Touch remix) [Low to High Records]

Eleven & Radum – Nimenialtu (Jamahr remix) [Yoruba Grooves]

Shaf Huse – Plastique (original mix) [Innocent Music]

Lillo – It loud (Adrian C remix) [Leone Music]

Alejandro Fernandez – Lost (original mix) [Witty Tunes]

Wade – Naom (original mix) [Moan]

Dolfeels – Groove cabins (Martin Dacar remix) [Yoruba Grooves]